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  Our mission is to provide an alternative, natural way of healing without using industrialized pharmaceuticals.  


Cannabis and Healing

We offer a broad array of cannabis products. We will have varieties of Coffee, Tea, Honey, Scrubs, Soaps and much more. 


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We will always pretest each product and make sure we offer the best products available.  We have selectively chosen each product and are very excited to share these wonderful products with everyone ❤️

Cannabis Treatment


Health Benefits

The active component of the  hemp plant, cannabinoids, have shown to inhibit tumor growth and kill cancer cells in lab testings. We work with a number of clients who use cannabis to treat their many different health issues. 

1. Pain relief

One of the most celebrated health benefits of CBD oil is its analgesic (pain relieving) effects. It’s thought that CBD interacts with receptors in the brain and immune system to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain. Some studies, such as this investigation published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, found that CBD significantly reduces inflammation in mice and rats – but it’s not only rodents that experience these effects. A 2008 review identified that CBD offered effective pain relief without inducing adverse side effects in patients.

2. Anti-Seizure Properties

Seizures occur when there’s a dramatic fluctuation of electrical activity in the brain. Over the years, a number of high profile cases have raised awareness of CBD’s anti-seizure properties, but it’s only recently that science has been able to confirm this link. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial published in The New England Journal of Medicine explored the effect of CBD medication on young adults with Dravet syndrome, a rare type of epilepsy with seizures that are often induced by fever. Those who received CBD experienced saw their seizure frequency drop by a median of 38.9 percent.

3. Combat Anxiety

While CBD is most commonly used to treat physiological symptoms, there’s a growing body of research that indicates it can also be used in the therapy of a range of mental health conditions, including anxiety. A study by the University of São Paulo found that CBD significantly reduces subjective anxiety, leading investigators to conclude that “These results suggest that CBD reduces anxiety in[social anxiety disorder] and that this is related to its effects on activity in limbic and paralimbic brain areas.”

4. Fight Cancer

Research indicates that CBD may be valuable in the treatment of cancer in a number of different ways. CBD as well as some of the other compounds found in cannabis have an antitumor effect and can amplify the death of tumor cells in both colon cancer and leukemia. In addition, investigations have shown that CBD can be used to stop the spread of cancer cells in cervical cancer cells. It is important to note that the vast majority of CBD and cancer studies are pre-clinical, meaning they’re not conducted on human or even mammalian test subjects, and the findings – while promising – should not be construed as conclusive proof that CBD can cure cancer.

5. Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

A rarely discussed health benefit of CBD oil is how it can reduce the risk of developing diabetes. In a study published in Neuropharmacology, researchers set out to explore what effect CBD would have on non-obese diabetes-prone female mice. Only 32 percent of the mice that received the CBD were diagnosed with diabetes, compared to 100 percent of the untreated group.In closing, CBD oil is an incredibly valuable medicine that can be used to treat a range of health conditions. While this article is far from an exhaustive list, it does highlight just a few of the ways CBD can potentially benefit your health.

Treat Sleep Issues with Cannabis

Inc. has identified a few strains of cannabis that work well for treating sleep issues. The company has recently launched an online self-referral program for individuals with sleep issues.Each patient is unique and should be assessed.




Buddha Beans Coffee


"Not only is this coffee great in taste and aroma, but it works totally differently than regular coffee. Love this coffee!!!" - Meg

"I just made a cup of Ethiopia and its so good which makes it hard to choose a favorite thus far.  So I am definitely going to spread the news on my social media and I'll be ordering from you every month. Your coffee is my favorite and is my daily coffee of choice." --Anonymous

"Been drinking the coffee every morning for about 3 weeks now. It taste great." -Robert D

"You are the first brand/product of CBD that has made me not even look for other CBD coffee brands so thank you for this treasure." -Jenn

"10/10 recommend" - Lital

"Liquid Gold. CBD + Coffee is genius. It is the perfect hangover cure." -Madi

"Loooooooooove the coffee. Hubby and I tried Colombian today!  All in one cup! Thank you for the great customer service and great coffee!! We will be back." -Christine

"OBSESSED. Got the little one as a Christmas present and once I get paid I am ordering the big bag! Buddha Beans is actually the best!" -Bre 

"So bomb! CBD tinctures tend to get pretty pricy, so Buddha Beans was an awesome, delicious, cost-effective, and convenient solution. Did I mention delicious?" - Laine

"Buddha Beans Coffee is the best coffee before a yoga sesh" - Anonymous 

"Best coffee in the world! Love it so much I am addicted to it now..." - Marissa

"I thought I would like the fresh coffee in Guatemala so much (which I did), but honestly I love your coffee SO much more. Over the years I have become way more sensitive to caffeine and your coffee is the only coffee that agrees with me." -Elsa

"Now I know what all of the hype is about" - Demi


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